Today I’ve received a different kind of massage, tailored, specific to my own body and channels map. The pressure was kind and relaxing, the effect immediate and lasting. I strongly recommend a full body session with Tamari at Alignment Massage.

Francesca G.

Tamar is the best massage therapist. She makes sure she knows what areas of your body are causing you pain and issues and focuses on that. I always leave a massage feeling 10 times better . Magic hands 🤗

Sarah F.

I’m a new mum and was treated to a full body Massage with Tamari. I have to say it was easily one of the best massages I have ever had, her hands are like magic for a tiered body and mind! And her music selection is also wonderful. I would highly recommend. Thanks Tamari!

Meg K.

Tamar’s knowledge of the human body is exceptional and she has the most amazing massage technique. I originally saw Tamar for shoulder pain and, now that I am pain free, I see Tamar regularly for overall health and wellness. I always leave feeling light and balanced and super relaxed.
🙂 Thank you for all you do, Tamar!


Emma F.

Wow wow wow where to start? Tamar is utterly attuned into the whole process from start to finish. Works through all the sore spots in all areas but never in a painful way, she’s very thorough without being overbearing – the perfect balance for a massage therapist! My relaxation level always reaches 100% which says a lot. Seriously words cannot describe it, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her.


Kia ora, I am a professional dancer, I’ve had the lovely pleasure of having a few massage sessions with Tamar, a couple before my pregnancy which were divine and relaxing and also recently while I’m currently 5 months pregnant. She has a very attuned way of responding to what your body needs and can pinpoint the areas you most need attention. She discusses with you what she finds and talks you through how to start to prevent further tension in those areas. I always feel incredibly revitalised afterwards and definitely recommend her for anyone in need of massage treatment.

Kasina C.

I have bee pain free since my last treatment, it’s so wonderful after years of issues/discomfort and nothing that helped. Thank you!

F.M, cyclist 2018

Both before and after the birth of my last baby, my body was in need of relaxation and rejuvenation. Tamar is intuitive and professional in her approach. My pregnancy massage was welcome relief for my aching body! After the birth Tamar used the hot stones which melted away the tension in my back neck and arms. The pressure and rhythm was excellent. Ladies please…nurture your body with a well deserved massage from this amazing wahine! Kia ora Tamar xx

Anna, Jan 2018

Tamar is an excellent massage therapist. She applied her hot stones on my back, my first experience of this, at my last massage and it was amazing. From having tight muscles in my back the next day I felt so much better. Even without the hot stone therapy, Tamar’s massages are relaxing and beneficial. She reads my body and knows what it needs, I thoroughly recommend her. 

Naomi, Jan 2018

I had my first massage today. I felt at ease, well informed and comfortable. The massage was thorough and extra time was spent on problem areas. I left feeling great, relaxed and renewed. I will certainly go back again for more and I highly recommend it. 

Catia, Feb 2018

Very competent and passionate about it, helped me out on several drastic situations where others have failed! 

Gaio, professional musician and builder, 2017